MEMRI by HMS Health
Medical Equipment Management Reporting Interface

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HMS Health is familiar with all major CMMS technology options and can work with a client’s existing system or make recommendations of an appropriate system to consider. We also have our own CMMS called MEMRI which many facilities use.

Hosted Solution
Multiple Locations/Facilities Administration
Increased Efficiencies & Informed Decisions
Regulatory Compliance

Our Equipment Maintenance Management System Software – MEMRI.

The healthcare industry has desperately needed maintenance management system software capable of tracking all aspects of medical equipment ownership.

HMS Health has developed MEMRI – Medical Equipment Management Reporting Interface – as an innovative solution.

MEMRI is our proprietary, cloud-based system built to handle the comprehensive management needed for effective, budget-conscious medical equipment ownership.

Effectively control your inventory.

Our extensive expertise on how to inventory control lets HMS protect your budget and effectively manage equipment availability. Using MEMRI for our EPS programs lets us digitally track all inventory items—from patient beds to MRI machines. And MEMRI features an integrated Help Desk application, making the system user friendly and extremely convenient.

Reliable Equipment Management.

HMS Health's maintenance management system software plays no small role in our unsurpassed reliability. By assigning each service request a specific ticket that is directly linked to individual inventory records, MEMRI helps HMS technicians provide excellent customer service, including the ability to quickly provide a complete history of every item HMS manages.

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