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Complete Management of Medical Equipment in Hospitals & Facilities

For better management of medical equipment in hospital departments and clinics, HMS Health offers our Equipment Performance Solutions (EPS) programs.

Our base-level option, EPS Plus, is an excellent way to get the value HMS Health provides clients. The program features our unmatched MEMRI system for inventory tracking and quarterly reporting on your facility’s medical equipment.

EPS Plus

EPS Plus services include preventive maintenance, electrical safety inspections, performance verification, 24/7 contact availability, and much more.

EPS Premium

EPS Premium our highest-level program and includes all the proven benefits of our EPS Plus program, while alleviating many medical equipment cost concerns with our convenient pricing cap. With EPS Premium, we'll perform all repairs and services, including any negotiation and management of OEM contracts, for one easy-to-manage monthly payment.

EPS Premium Details

To provide the most comprehensive healthcare equipment maintenance program in the industry, HMS includes the following services with our EPS Premium program.

Maximal equipment utilization and efficiency
24 / 7 support via our toll-free number: 866.902.9796
Guaranteed response times
Guaranteed preventive maintenance completion rates
Regulatory consultation
Alerts, hazards, and recall management
Parts procurement
OEM service contract analysis and management
Performance reporting
Capital planning consultation
Program monitoring and interactive meetings with key staff
IT services

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