Complete On-Site
Biomedical Repair Services

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Full-service support is designed to suit the needs of each client.

HMS Health provides a full range of on-site preventive maintenance and repair of biomedical equipment. Our highly trained technicians have expertise in radiology and anaesthesia equipment plus other respiratory care devices.

Our full-service program gives you the most comprehensive healthcare equipment management services available. We provide CBET technicians who will work at your location, manage and maintain all of your assets.

We offer a comprehensive suite of anesthesia services, including preventive maintenance, repair, vaporizer service and calibration for brands such as Datex and Draeger.

Let us know how we can help. Contact us for comprehensive healthcare technology management, preventative maintenance or a single repair.

HMS Health Provides:
Safety Testing
Preventive Maintenance
Vendor Service Management
Regulatory Support
Utilization Reports
Inventory Reports
Staff In-Servicing
Budgeting Reports
Technical Recommendations
Historical Maintenance & Tracking
Other Services & Reports as Requested

Lease-a-Tech: Short & Long-term Biomedical Staffing Solutions

Add temporary technical support to your current biomedical staff as needed!

Not only can we be there for you on a regular basis, but we’re also available to cover for vacations, special projects and other planned absences of your current staff. Our CBET biomedical service technicians have expertise in all types of biomedical equipment.

HMS Health has staff on location in hospitals across the Midwest and can help you find the expert biomedical technical personnel that you need.


Complete Management of Medical Equipment in Hospitals & Facilities.

For better management of medical equipment in hospital departments and clinics, HMS Health offers our EPS Plus program.

Our base-level option, EPS Plus, is an excellent way to vet the value HMS Health provides clients. The program features our unmatched MEMRI system for inventory tracking and quarterly reporting on your facility’s medical equipment.

Equipment Performance Solutions (EPS)

We meet or exceed standards for regulatory compliance:


HMS Health has an established quality management system that is accredited to ISO 13485:2016

View Our 13485:2016 Certificate

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