Maintaining Your
Equipment For Life

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Our Mission

HMS Health is your trusted partner for medical equipment operations.

Prompt, personal, and reliable service

Our CBET skilled technicians provide prompt, personal, and reliable service so you can feel confident with your equipment.

Improve compliance, effectively control inventory

By offering a proprietary tracking and reporting system, we help you improve compliance, effectively control inventory, and spend less time performing administrative work.

Maintaining your equipment for life

Saving lives, time, and money—all while helping maintain your equipment for life.


Quality and Service First

As a quality and service-first, privately held company, HMS Health has the flexibility to work with and support your clinical and quality objectives as well as help reach your financial goals.

HMS Quality Policy

“HMS Health is committed to a quality management process, which seeks to supply services and products meeting or exceeding our customer requirements. Our objective is to combine customer satisfaction with a corporate culture that seeks to maintain a long-term customer relationship.”

HMS Quality Manual is available upon request.

Dedicated CBET Certified Technicians

HMS Health technicians have years of experience and are required to be CBET certified – which is the accreditation provided by AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) and is the gold standard of our industry. Our technicians perform services on thousands of equipment pieces from over 800 different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

HMS Health provides maintenance of medical equipment and management solutions that let health care facilities maximize the benefits of the latest technology while optimizing asset availability throughout the equipment lifecycle. Most importantly, we make it our mission to partner with you, continually discovering ways to benefit your clinic or hospital.

How can HMS Health serve you?

Maintenance, repair & inventory management services

Provide maintenance, repair & inventory management services for all types of clinical equipment in over 90 hospitals and 300 health facilities

Located across the Midwestern states

Technicians are strategically located in order to service accounts across the Midwestern states

Experienced CBET technicians

Dedicated CBET technicians with an average of 18 years experience

24/7 availability

24/7 availability via our toll free 800 number

Complement Accreditation Programs

The Joint Commission, Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP), DNV, CMS and State

Inventory management and ticketing system

Proprietary, web-based inventory management and ticketing system allows tracking and record keeping of all clinical items, required Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

Streamline your maintenance and reporting processes

HMS Health LLC specializes in hospital clinical equipment maintenance; including biotech and asset management services. Our experienced professionals can streamline your maintenance and reporting processes, ultimately reducing your costs and improving your quality of care.

We meet or exceed standards for regulatory compliance:


HMS Health has an established quality management system that is accredited to ISO 13485:2016

View Our 13485:2016 Certificate

Associations & Memberships

HMS Health is proud to be a member of regional and national associations that support the medical community.

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