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Sterilization & Infection Control Equipment Servicing

Keeping Patient Safety – First

Infection Prevention and Control is a very high priority for all health care providers. With the growing threat posed by bacteria resistant to antibiotics, infection prevention and control is the responsibility of every health care worker. HMS Health has the experience, knowledge, and skills to assist organizations in meeting their corporate responsibilities for patient safety.

HMS Health strives to deliver an effective facility-wide infection prevention and control program through promoting awareness of best practices to prevent and control the spread of infection among staff, residents, clients and visitors.

Sterilization Equipment Servicing

HMS Health, through its associated company, Crawford Diversified Services (CDS) provides service for your sterilization equipment. We use only best practices for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of medical equipment and devices.

Please give us a call today to discuss how HMS Health can partner with your organization to provide you with a service proposal on your sterilization equipment or any of your clinical equipment.

Equipment That We Service Includes:
Endoscope Cleaners

We provide Service on the Following Brands

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