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Datrend Systems vPad-Rugged 2
Datrend Systems vPad-Rugged 2
Datrend Systems vPad-Rugged 2
Datrend Systems vPad-Rugged 2
Electrical Safety Analyzer

vPad-Rugged 2

  • Designed for the Field Service Engineering Community
  • Built-in Crush Proof case
  • Easy-to-read graphics and reports
  • Wireless Interface to Corporate CMMS System
  • Automated and Manual Electrical Safety Testing per IEC 62353, AAMI/ANSI ES-1, NFPA-99 2012 and IEC 60601

vPad‐Rugged 2 is much more than an Electrical Safety Analyzer ‐ it’s the heart of managing your Preventative Maintenance.

Using one of our CMMS Interface Apps, work orders can be downloaded at the start of the day. Automated Preventive Maintenance routines ensure that PMs are consistently carried out per OEM requirements. Completed PM records are uploaded to your CMMS to automate closure of open work orders.

Standard Features

  • Manual Electrical Safety Testing per IEC 62353, AS 3551, AAMI/ANSI ES-1 & IEC 60601 standards
  • Built into a Crush Proof case that complies with ATA 300 Impact Test Standard
  • Waterproof to 3 feet for 30 minutes or more
  • Padlockable Powerclaw latching system with soft grip foldable handle
  • Hi-resolution Android tablet Graphical User Interface
  • USB connection to measurement base; Bluetooth connection to base optional
  • Bluetooth connectivity for transfer of files to and from local devices (PCs, tablets, cloud drives, etc.)
  • Extensive internal storage
  • Unlimited user comments in test records
  • Integrated ECG & Arrhythmia Simulator
  • Internal test record storage
  • Prints test result reports to optional Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printers
  • Increases quality, accuracy, and consistency

Optional Features

  • Automated Electrical Safety Testing per IEC 62353, AS 3551, AAMI/ANSI ES-1, IEC 60601 & NFPA-99 2012 standards
  • Can be upgraded from a basic manual tester to full automation with CMMS connectivity
  • Built-in Wireless enables transfer of data from remote sites to corporate CMMS systems
  • DACOM multi-device, serial control of external test instruments
  • Can be configured to retrieve test data from non-Datrend Devices
  • Complete test procedures available instantly
  • Automated Testing Sequences for defibrillators, infusion devices, patient monitors, and more
  • All Auto-sequences and Checklists are 100% editable for total procedural Customization
  • Automatic “flagging” of test results that are outside of pre-established test limits
  • Prints inspection stickers to optional label printers
  • Automation Reduces paperwork, eliminates handwritten records, standardizes medical device testing
  • Automation Increases efficiency – may save in excess of 50% over manual testing & hand-written records

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