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Datrend Systems vPad-IN
Datrend Systems vPad-IN
Datrend Systems vPad-IN
Datrend Systems vPad-IN


Datrend Systems Inc. introduces vPad-IN, the next generation infant incubator and infant radiant warmer testing system that meets the requirements of the IEC Standards for Incubators (IEC60601-2-19), Infant Transport Incubators (IEC60601-2-20) and Radiant Warmers (IEC60601-2-21).

vPad-IN has all the functionality and scalability that you have come to expect from Vision Pad Technology products. Parameters are sensed inside the incubator environment and results are transmitted wirelessly to a 10″ Android tablet for analysis and display. Test parameters and test protocols can be modified without disturbing the equilibrium of the heated environment, thereby minimizing test times.

  • Tests to IEC 60601-2-19, 2-20 and 2-21
  • Follows Edition 1 and Edition 2 of Standard
  • Built on the Vision Pad platform to give you greater flexibility and scalability
  • Wireless control of tests within incubator
  • Changes to test can be made without disturbing heat environment
  • Measures all parameters automatically following user defined protocols
  • Results can be merged with Safety test data and imported into commonly used CMMS system


Compatible with closed, forced air convection incubators, and open, radiant infant warmers (optional).

  • Simultaneous measurement of humidity, airflow, sound, and 6 different temperatures
  • Tests are carried out in accordance with IEC60601-2-19, IEC60601-2-20 and IEC60601-2-21
  • All sensors are independently movable, to be placed in positions required by the Standard
  • Sound level measurements may be taken outside the incubator for external alarm test
  • Results can be merged with vPad Safety Tests results and imported into commonly-used Equipment Management Systems
  • Optional precision controlled heater permits testing of body temperature sensor accuracy

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