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Datrend Systems vPad-A1
Datrend Systems vPad-A1
Datrend Systems vPad-A1
All-in-one Vital Signs Simulator


Datrend Systems’ vPad-A1, based on the revolutionary Vision-Pad TechnologyTM, is an all-in-one patient simulation system. vPad-A1 is modular and is comprised of a Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator, SpO2 test module, and a Non-Invasive Blood Pressure simulation module which may be used together or independently in various combinations, with an Android handheld device or vPad tablet providing the user interface.

Built on Datrends’ Vision-Pad Platform, vPad-A1 is the only modular Vital Signs Simulator currently on the market.

Comprising of 3 modules — vPad-PS (a Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator), vPad-O2 (a Pulse Oximeter Tester), and vPad-BP (a Non‐Invasive Blood Pressure Simulator) — the modules can be used together, independently, or in various combinations. Integrated user customizable SpO2 R-Curves and NIBP envelopes are a first in our industry.


  • 12 lead ECG simulation; independent outputs for each signal lead
  • ST Segments: 8 elevated and 8 depressed
  • Axis Deviation: Normal (intermediate), horizontal, and vertical.
  • Neonatal Mode
  • ECG Performance Testing
  • Over 60 Arrhythmia selections
  • 2 channel invasive BP simulation
  • Temperature and Respiration Simulations
  • Pacer simulations
  • Cardiac output*
  • SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Tester and Non-Invasive BP modules are compatible with all major industry manufacturers
  • Auto Settings
  • Auto Sequences
  • Test reports

*adapter optional

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